Monday, September 18, 2006

where the heck have i been?

taking tests. that's where.
3 "quiz" a week for the last 3 weeks.
Only 2 this, what a break.
what's funny is that they call them quizzes.
quiz, my butt.
these are freakin' tests!
a quiz is 5 or so general questions...NOT 50-60 detailed questions covering multiple topics
i think NOT calling them tests is supposed to reduce the stress you feel.
it doesn't work.

things have been good, though.
i still want to be here.
my advisor is the head of the department, which is good because i think it makes him less intimidating...because i HAVE to sit there and talk to him.
he's a neat guy anyway. i'll have him as a professor next year.

my grades are good.
if final grades were handed out today i think i'd have straight "A's"
the test i had last friday was a doozie.
Anatomy & Physiology. test covered cell anatomy, the entire skeletal system AND joints. that's a HUGE amount of information....i actually had to stop the professor in the middle of lecture and remind her of the test by asking how much time we'd have to take it. (there were only 45 min left in class and i knew there would be AT LEAST 50 questions.....whatever happened to about 1 min per question????)
who knows how long the lecture would've continued...
taking a test AFTER 2 hours of NEW lecture material SUCKS!

more new pics of where i'm living are up on the snapfish site. if you don't still have the link i sent, let me know and i'll send it again. i'll try my hand at making a link to a page of them (wish me luck)

i miss Richmond. i really do.
(i miss walking around the block with Frisco at midnight of our favorite things to do)

hugs to everyone!


Sharon said...

Hi there stranger - glad to hear school is going well... I have a question for you... btu want to ask it in a more "semi private" arean - what is your e-mail addy these days?? Let me know ASAP!!

Hugs from NY,

Evelyn said...

Hey girl!
We miss you too. Things with the Cronins have been BUSY! If Jeff hasn't called, I'll remind him I told you we would.

Keep posting! I LOVE to read about your adventures!

Come home soon!

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