Thursday, May 10, 2007

i made it! far....

so...i've made it through my first year of schooling. its still the hardest thing i've ever done and there have been many times i've questioned whether this was a good decision, anything takes me time to really get comfortable in routine. i've discovered...well i've always known i suppose..that i'm really a rather slow learner when it comes to some things...plenty has been hapening with me, i'm sorry i've not been sharing it all with you.
i was kind of on the edge regarding my grades here at the end of the semester and was truly worried about whether or not i'd pass one class. in this program, you must pass all classes with a C or better...if you don't, you cannot continue and are out of the program and must request access back in...and have to wait until the proper semester comes around again. so, needless to say its a rather stressful situation if you let yourself get to the point where the final exams determine your grade. i'm determined not to let this happen again.
on a more personal note, i've been seeing a guy for about 3 weeks now. we met online, have met in person 3 times for dates. He's older than i am, 38, and has much more experience than i've been a little wary and am taking things rather slowly, i suppose. He really likes me, though, so having never been in this situation before i'm a little overwhelmed at times. haha
i feel pathetic about the whole thing, really, but its going well...he's a good guy and i've invited him to come to "prom" with me. if he can, he's going to...i'm at work and should really get to it, so i'll update more later
love you guys! hugs to everyone!

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