Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, i've had this blog for quite some time and haven't really used it for much. So often, when i should've plastered my thoughts and problems on its pages, i've opted for silence. This is mostly because
1. I'm lazy and
2. I'm scared to share that much of myself.

I'm going to attempt to emerge from the self-absorbed haze in which I've lived for so long. I think that airing my feelings/thoughts ectetera may help.

I'm sure that you, my friends who may glance at my writing, know more about me than I realize. You've probably realized how self-absorbed I am for awhile. I've never wanted to admit how very true this is...but its something I'm trying to accept. and to change.

I've not always been this way. In some ways, while moving forward, i must move back in time and rediscover the qualities about myself that i like.

This is not a well-written blog, but i hope to get better as I go along. For most, it'll probably be confusing. But hey..that's my brain, welcome to it.

stay tuned

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