Friday, November 03, 2006

wow. so, it's been a while

so, it's been a while.

my mind is blank.
it's not that nothing exciting has fact, i've got a couple of things that happened today...
I recieved one of the Walter Reams Scholarships at school, there was a luncheon thing today.
($1500 for next semester) :)
I also got a call from Pender Veterinary Centre in Fairfax, Va. I've applied for a scholarship that they offer and it stipulates that you do your externship with their practice. Of course, I was a little wary (right word?) about that until i heard the whole offer. For 12 weeks you work as a full-time vet tech, getting paid $13 an hour! (more than i made at the station) AND they provide (completely provide) housing for the summer. hmmm..good pay, no rent and tons of thanks....
are you nuts?
Anyhow, I applied and got a call today asking me to come and visit the clinic and meet with the staff. I've already met one of the owners of the practice, he came and visited campus last thursday. If i get this scholarship...its gonna ROCK!
check out their website:
  • Pender Veterinary Centre

  • it's literally three separately functioning practices housed in one building and all owned by the same people. It's HUGE and they have all the latest toys. :)
    They've got an exotics practice, a regular dog/cat practice and an emergency hospital.
    i'm excited just to visit there...can't you tell?

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