Monday, February 12, 2007


hey...yeah, i'm alive, lol...hangin' in there, anyway.

this semester is really hard and i've been questioning my decision to come here...deep down i still think its right, but it would've been so much easier to stay and hate my job! lol...just been feeling a little confused, i guess. Had a hell of a week last week...didn't help much in the way of confidence. First, on monday, my transmission goes on the telling when i'll get it back...hope to hear some good news of a possible, well relatively, "simple" fix...meaning i won't have to replace the ENTIRE transmission. Then, on wednesday...a snow day due to weather...about 4 inches of snow on the body decides to let loose a freakin' kidney here i am, no car and in pain and forced to ask my landlady, libby, to interrupt her own snow day to take my butt to the emergency room in harrisonburg, 20 minutes away. So, libby fired up the old cabriolet, skidded around the driveway a bit and we slowly made our way out. Luckily her neighbor had plowed the main driveway so we didn't have as hard a time as we could have. Anyway...i was at the hospital for little more than 4 hours..pretty good in my was a kidney stone, by the way...i got a ct scan and they gave my some good drugs and i was sent home with my very own strainer! woohoo!

So, i've gotten a little discouraged as of late. I'll turn it around, though, no worries.

Hugs and much love to everyone....mariah


ahamos said...

We love you, Mariah!

Hang in there, and come see us any time you want.

Alastair sends a hug.

By the way, rarely do you actually need to replace the whole transmission, but unfortunately, tranny work is not cheap. If they want to replace it, you might want to get their diagnosis and present it to a transmission specialty shop. There are plenty of those around.

Marissa said...

Yeah, those trannies can charge quite a bit... oh, sorry wrong blog. Hang in there, girl. So sorry to hear of your woes. Only three weeks until spring. In theory.

Deborah said...

I like to read the events of the day from here. You have a fun way of expressing your trials and tribulations. A very good voice. Keep it up kiddo. Just a few month before this semester is history!

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