Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I just wanted to share with the people I care about and those who loved him that Frisco is no longer with us. He passed away tonight in his Momma's arms, peaceful and serene. He's once more up and running, pushing open bathroom doors in heaven, embarrassing God while he's on the pot.


That's my boy.

I'll miss him always.


Anonymous said...

Frisco's hanging with Miss Sasha now. Except she's probably looking at him from a cat stand with an annoyed look as he attempts to slobber on her.

I feel your heartache, girl. Frisco was a great boy. I remember a Christmas party at your apartment when I was pregnant, and Frisco spent the entire night sitting next to me on the sofa trying to climb into my lap.

We'll miss his big goofy face.

JamieSmitten said...

From the first time I (illegally) went into his run in the employees only section at the Richmond SPCA and he pulled me down to the floor so he could lick my face and lean on me, I have been in love with Frisco. He was a perfect puppy and a wonderful spirit. I am so thankful that he found you and had the happiest years of his life.

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