Saturday, July 29, 2006

jabber jabber jabber...ramble

I got a present from Chainsaw this morning. I felt so honored! A mouse, right in the middle of the doormat. I know for sure that she likes us now. Took some pics today of Frisco and Chainsaw, Pretty Kitty and I think I got one of Jelly too. (Jelly is a yellow lab owned by Libby, the lady i rent from) Interesting side note, Jelly is an alumnus of the BRCC Vet Tech program. Every year, the program takes in 5 cats and dogs to be used as "guinea pigs" for the students. A student was living with Libby at the time and introduced the two...Libby just couldn't resist Jelly. she's a sweet puppy. well, just thought i'd drop a line in. later.

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