Thursday, July 20, 2006

Starting to settle in....

Well, the two week mark has arrived...i think that's how long i've been here.
I never told you about my 2nd was a short one...i "caught" a mouse with my plant water pitcher. yuck. I also use it to fill Frisco's water dish (he's got a drinking problem- haha)
So, I went to fill his bowl and no water was coming out. I shook it around thinking that maybe a piece of plastic or something got caught in the spout. No good. I looked down into the pitcher and saw a mouse floating around. I suppose he was a REALLY thirsty critter.
There must be more mice too because the next night Frisco jumped up and tried to chase something running away from the pantry and his water dish. So, i'm on the lookout for mouse poop...until i find something everything is getting sealed in extra plastic bags.

I finished my Chemistry class yesterday (online= no lab!) Checked today to see if final grades were posted and they were....I thought I got a 'B', but apparently an 88 gets you an 'A' these days. WOO HOO!! That'll look very nice on the transcript.

So, with the class out of the way...I have no excuse for not getting a job..not that i haven't been trying..i actually got offered 2. But i'm trying to find something close to home. I've gone through a lot more gas than i expected on trips to and from harrisonburg. So, finding a job on campus or in and around Weyers Cave has become the priority. We'll see what happens. I'm waiting to hear from the bookstore on campus..which i really hope comes through.

I got a letter from the Vet Tech department the other day. School has begun!
I've got homework and the warning of a test on the first day! YES! I'm actually excited about this. Basically, I've got to learn about 150 latin roots, suffixes and prefixes for medical terminology. Luckily, there are many I already know. (or can at least take an educated guess at)
So, my project this weekend is making flash cards for all the words. exciting, huh?
I think so.

Well, unfortunately i don't have any pics yet, but my folks may come visit soon and i'll ask them bring the video cam (has a digital cam function). And then I can have some pics up for you.

more to come soon...

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