Monday, July 31, 2006

My friends are awesome

ok, so i sent out a distress call because i need something new to read.
everyone came through for me! thanks! I got some great ides about where to start.
I did get a web link from my friend Melissa that I just had to pass on...
just in case anyone else is having trouble too.
thanks again guys!
you're the best!

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Evelyn said...

Sorry I haven't responded to the distress call. All I've been reading are books for church & school.
A good one I read for church and LOVED was "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" ( It was excellent in a way that words can't explain.

On vacation I read a horrible romance/mystery called "Picture me Dead" by Heather Graham. Seriously, it was the perfect mind-numbing beach book, but not one I'd go around recommending for actual reading.

I love that you have a blog and I get to read your thoughts! It makes me feel connected to you and happy!

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