Friday, January 18, 2008


yes, today was the day. the National veterinary Technician Examination was held today in beautiful weyers cave, va. College was closed yesterday due to the copious amounts of snow we got (which was goregous to sit and watch all day long...we got at least 4 inches...huge soft flakes fell almost all day thursday)so i was able to get plenty of rest. Today started out well enough. I was up early (had to be at school by 7:30ish) my car was totally covered in snow so i went out early to start her up and clean her off. that went fine...i was on time...then i left for school.
did ok on the first part of the driveway. then came the first hill...always tough, even in good weather. i cut the wheel just a tad to get around the curve and just my luck the rear end slips just enough to get caught in the soft snow at the edge of the road. thought i could get it out...but, no such luck. i was stuck. so here i was 7:20 or time to work on it...i had to get to school. luckily libby (my landlady) was on her way to work. her little cabriolet makes it through those roads without a problem (of course, she's been driving them for 25 years)
anyway...i left the car and libby took me to school. needless to say i was in a bit of a pissy mood.

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