Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year...let's try this again's bovious that Mariah sucks at this blog thing. to be honest, i had some rough patches through the year and didn't think my thoughts would prove very encouraging to my friends and family, so i didn't write anything down.
this year i'm going to focus on myself. my health is in jeopardy and i can't ignore that anymore. so, i'm going to use the "what did i eat today" tool to help track what i eat...if you have to write it helps. i'm taking an exercise class at school, exercise for a grade..that should make me get off my ass. lol.'s to 2008...let it be a true year of change.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about putting on a filter for your blog. Let everything flow freely through your keyboard. Your friends can't be a source of encouragement unless they know what's bringing you down.

And don't forget that you are in my prayers every day.

ahamos said...

Yeah, Miss M: you're much loved in Casa Amos.

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