Tuesday, January 08, 2008


well school is back underway and interesting as ever. New topics this semester...Large Animal Medicine, Animal Diseases and Microbiology, Zoo,Wildlife and Laboratory Animal Medicine and Hospital Management. Have a line on a job too. As you may know i've got an interest in behavior and there's a referral practice in cville that specializes. my prof told me about it at the end of last semester and again today, told me that they are now actively hiring for a new technician. well, i made the call this afternoon and will be faxing over my resume tomorrow. talked to the practice manager this evening and she said the person leaving was heavily involved in behavior and that is a big plus for me...and them, since i've got a big interest...she said she'd be in contact soon and we'll set up an informal interview and tour, possibly working up to some part time work through this semester to get my foot in the door. she sounded really nice. this could be a great start for me..in practice and in finding out if behavior is really my thing (which i'm pretty sure it is) :D

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Yeah! Happy news!

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